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hulahoop wounds' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
hulahoop wounds

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[06 Jan 2004|09:00pm]
We booked the tickets. Eight fun-filled days in Paris. Awright.
Want a postcard?
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[29 Nov 2003|03:40pm]
Danny and I went to see the ballons get inflated for the Macy's parade. I was freezing my ass off, had to pee, crowds, chaos, I hate little kids, blahblah..but we had some good hot chocolate and got to see the balloon orgy. Our lives would have not been complete without getting to experience that.
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Wes Clark's Rock the Vote Commercial [09 Nov 2003|10:07am]
Watch This.
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[07 Nov 2003|06:03pm]
Friday night was meh at best, but it was a radio show, so I wasn't expecting a lot. we left before the next act but I heard they were awful. 'It's for charity' was my mantra.
Saturday kicked ass, it was a much better improvement, but of course couldn't top Radio City.
I was dissappointed that Brian didn't sing either night, and beat tired when we got home Sunday afternoon. It was a good trip, Gus is always worth it.
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[30 Oct 2003|05:10pm]
the pool was freezing today.
Total Distance: 257.74 miles
Total Estimated Time: 4 hours, 15 minutes
Danny's first time seeing Gus. he is intent on not enjoying the experience. screw you, Dan, I'm gonna have fun with or without you. twice.
happy Halloween and all that jazz.
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[24 Oct 2003|09:27pm]
Last weekend I went to Boston with Danny and Scott 2 of 3. Next weekend is DC.
I went and saw the rep from Eugene Lang the other night, got more info. Talked to guys from NYU, Marist, SUNYs, CUNYs, etc etc. also.
Hollywood Video still sucks. Can't wait until Friday night.
Artie the Strongest Man in the World is on Carnivale now! It's awesome. I didn't recognize him. I wish they'd rerun Pete and Pete.
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[27 Sep 2003|04:17pm]
I don't know when they started making these, but chocolate creme oreos are the best ever.
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[02 Sep 2003|12:23pm]
Oh, man, I have so much to catch up on, but right now I just want to do my laundry and go sleep a thousand hours. School starts tomorrow.
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[19 Aug 2003|10:56am]
"California? Bunch of pussies with their wimpy rolling blackouts. Even Arnold the Terminator must be feeling a little bit of wattage envy. New York has this claim on Godzilla sized disasters like no other place. It's all fifties sci-fi panic, millions pouring into the streets, their hair on fire, screaming about terrorism and destruction and besides that their cell phones that won't work." Blackout [Turks Head Review]

# of Mullets: 2
# of Mullets carrying big ninja swords: 1
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who turned out the lights? [16 Aug 2003|01:51pm]
fuckin' awesome: the blackout. I had a great time, at least.
not so awesome: missing my flight. the fuck, employees at ewr? why weren't you helping the 500 people waiting to get their bags checked this morning?

"how are we supposed to make dinner?"
"we could always grill the french fries."
special thanks to that one radio station for broadcasting the yankee game thursday night and the iga guys for staying open so we could buy ice cream for dinner.
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[14 Aug 2003|10:19am]
They put a 31 Flavors in the Dunkin Donuts, holy shit. This is so exciting because I haven't been to Baskin Robbins in 5 or something years. Do you know what this means. I can get strawberry frosted donuts and gummi worm ice cream at one place. Do they still make the gummi worm ice cream? That was the best. And clown cones.
I'm in the middle of adopting another stray cat. Second this summer. A little orange kitten we're calling Mimi. She's still a little weary of people after hanging out with us for a week or so, but we're trying.
Colin's flying in to visit his family upstate, and we're going to see The Battle of Shaker Heights friday night. I am so addicted to Project Greenlight.
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[07 Aug 2003|11:55am]
you can just imagine my surprise when Jesus called me to talk about my mortgage rates.
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[10 Jul 2003|07:13pm]
the best thing about this summer is the melrose place reruns. what a great way to start the day.
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there are three exclamation points used here. [07 Jul 2003|05:34pm]
aha! my triumphant return to livejournal. yeah, i'm back.
and only after finals, state exams i almost slept through, one nasty sinus infection, a week on long beach island, food poisoning, nearly two months without a cable modem, and a visit from my mother a.k.a. the crazy lady. what else has happened -- a lot. i'm really tired, but it's also 95 degrees out and i can hear the town pool calling me from five miles away. "you just bought that season pass! use it!"
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[12 Jun 2003|05:28pm]
i was about to say "wow what a crappy week" but i realized that it's not over yet. the weather's really gross and it's hot and i'm miserable taking finals like craaazy.
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[09 Jun 2003|07:16am]
i want to lay on my bed all day listening to music, but i have to go do prep for finals and work on a project for ceramics. work. and i don't know if i'm still going to los angeles and it's pissing me off that things are out of my control.
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[04 Jun 2003|04:44pm]
bleh@ being sick and bleh@ it being cold and rainy. in june. i got a hot chocolate at golf this morning. hot chocolate in june!
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the weather is wrong for june first. [01 Jun 2003|03:13pm]
ordering class rings is boring, boring, boring.
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this got all mumble jumbled and i just woke up and have to write essays. [22 May 2003|06:25pm]
so, what? a week and i'm not going after all. i'm keeping my dress, though. there's too much craaaap going on and i don't want to be there with someone who i'm hardly speaking to anymore, having to try and be nice and have fun when i just want to be at home with colin. who's been on the couch for three days hacking up his lungs. "ew." but besides bringing SARS with him to visit, mr. phlegm also brought hello kitty hard candies from cost plus. which i enjoyed, last night, on the sofa with coughy hacky, in my dress. because i gotta' wear it someplace/time.
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[17 May 2003|04:00pm]
i bought a dress, because i am supposed to be someone's senior prom date. it is not the best reflection of me to say that i completely forgot. i also broke my right index finger the other day playing lacrosse with a whole bunch of boys. it was scary. not breaking my finger, playing with boys.
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